Welcome to the London Centre

Welcome to the London Centre! Home of NLA, London’s built environment community, and located in the West Wing of the Guildhall complex, the Centre highlights the people, places and buildings that make London a world class city.

The Centre brings together the public, politicians, and young people as well as London’s stakeholders, senior decision makers, and Civic leaders from all over the world - opening in partnership with the City of London Corporation in support of its ‘Destination City’ strategy to attract more people into the Square Mile.

Across the programme we’ll focus on a range of issues that impact the built environment alongside the New London Model, the City Model and the Royal Docks Model, all on display together for the first time! As a central hub for NLA, the Centre will have opportunities for networking, private and public events, debates, think tanks, and discussions about London and beyond.

There are opportunities for further showcases of materials, products and projects that are helping to shape a better city. Explore our venue hire and showcase options and learn more about our exhibitions and upcoming events.

Meet the team

Molly Nicholson

Head of Venues and Events

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Hope Halpin

Event and Exhibitions Coordinator

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Tessa Winkelhake

Front of House Coordinator

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