Permanent and temporary exhibitions at The London Centre.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00-17:00 | no pre-booking is required

Don't Move, Improve!

Celebrating exceptional innovation in home improvements across the capital, the exhibition showcases the shortlisted and winning projects of this year's Don't Move, Improve! programme.

Don’t Move, Improve is a project run by NLA that celebrates and supports the work of emerging and established architects by showcasing the newest and most innovative home improvement projects from across London. 

London's Growing Up: A Decade of Building Tall

Delving into a decade of building tall, this anniversary edition of the London's Growing Up! Exhibition sheds light on how tall buildings have transformed London over the last ten years, and how they are likely to continue to shape London into the future. Exploring the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in high-density, featuring insights from industry leaders and experts, a unique dataset and survey, case studies and models of iconic skyscrapers in London.

London: Change, Opportunity, Vision

The permanent exhibition at The London Centre invites visitors to explore the transformation of London in the last 20 years, the opportunities that come with change, and the vision needed to deliver the city all Londoners deserve.

Centred around our world class scale models of the city, London: Change, Opportunity, Vision covers key areas across the capital where change has been successful and sustainable. The exhibition reveals how planning in London works today and the vast array of opportunities on offer, inviting everyone across the capital to envision and shape a better.

This free display will feature a broad range of projects, products and materials that make attractive places for people to work, live and play.


The City Model

The City of London, also known as the Square Mile, is the primary business district and historic centre of London. The 1:500 City Model is the best place for people to come to experience the future of the City of London’s skyline and engage with new developments. 

The model is used by a range of built environment professionals involved in the shaping of the City and includes exact scale replicas of the buildings in and around the Square Mile, with added detail on illuminated buildings built since the year 2000. 

The original model base is now 30 years old, over this time the model has grown to include wooden blocks, detailed cardboard cut-outs and 3D printed buildings. There are three building colours on the model which are representative of different historical periods of the City’s architecture.  

The New London Model

Explore London from new perspectives with a giant model of central London.

  • 1:2000 scale
  • 12.5 metres-long
  • Over 195 square kilometres of London
  • 19 boroughs 
  • 34km of the Thames 
  • 21 bridges 
  • Stretches from King’s Cross in the north to Peckham in the south and the Royal Docks in the east to White City in the west.

The model is updated 2-3 times per year, using data supplied by developers and architects, and is the only place you can come to physically see what London will look like in the future.